Property Management, Inc. (PMI), is an employee-owned company (ESOP) with over 55 years’ experience.  We have earned our position as a premier professional property management firm in Pennsylvania.

As an ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION®, we are a member of an elite group of only 500 management companies in the world.  We maintain the highest level of management expertise, financial stability, professional excellence, and integrity.

Our manufactured housing team is led by professionals who possess relevant and current industry knowledge surrounding ALL aspects Manufactured Housing Communities.

Our Resume

PMI’s qualifications are demonstrated daily by managing outcomes and delivering results for the properties we manage.  Currently we have over 250 facilities under PMI’s careful management containing about 30 million square feet of space in Pennsylvania within the following divisions:

  • Manufactured Housing – PMI manages over 2,100 units.  We understand how to manage these communities with a keen eye on increasing occupancy and value.
  • Residential Multifamily Management – PMI manages just over 7,000 conventional market-rate, affordable/government-assisted, and student housing units.  We have expertise in each of these sub-categories of multifamily housing management and we offer full-service solutions for assets which may be brand new, currently under development or assets which may be decades old.
  • Commercial and Facilities Management – PMI manages 7,000,000 square feet of commercial, warehouse, medical and retail space.  Our commercial team has the skills to provide turn-key management solutions for our commercial clients.
  • Community Associations – PMI manages more than 9,000 homes.  From 20 homes to 964 homes, we have the skill and experience to professional handle all of your association needs.  We also manage three commercial condominium / master associations.
Advantages of Hiring PMI
  • More than fifty (50) years of delivering results which exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Local employee-owned organization with a wealth of skilled, trained, motivated and experienced employees.  We attract and retain the best people available.
  • We are a certified and licensed fiduciary.
  • Exemplary financial stability.
  • Accurate, consistent and comprehensive accounting and financial reporting.
  • Expert financial planning and budgeting.
  • Superior lease administration.
  • Cost-effective, comprehensive management of your valuable asset.
  • Fully integrated, web-based state-of-the-art information system.
  • Proven ability to develop and administer successful preventative maintenance programs.
  • Proactive management approach.
  • Services personalized to each owner’s particular objectives and goals.
Our Value Proposition
  • We will deliver results!
    • We employ over three hundred and thirty (330) highly trained, qualified individuals with different skill sets to handle all facets of manufactured housing operations.
    • We provide the exact number of employees at the exact right time to effectively and efficiently manage the property.  We have the bench to bring the appropriate employees on-site when needed.
    • We have extensive vendor relationships to deliver turn-key management solutions to individual rental operations.  PMI can leverage its’ long-standing market presence to procure superior pricing for your asset.
    • Simply said, we will manage your property efficiently, effectively and fiscally responsibly so you and your team can stay focused on your business.
What We Will Do
  • Upholding the Community Standards as outlined in the Lease agreement(s) both rental and lot, as applicable.
  • Arrange for and supervise our employees or outside contractors to perform regular repairs, preventative maintenance, leasing and managerial functions on the property.  All matters pertaining to the supervision of our maintenance, administrative, and management employees and outside contractors is the responsibility of PMI, freeing you from these day-to-day burdens. Work may include, but is not limited to:
    • Rental units
    • Electrical systems
    • Security, physical and/or alarms, as applicable
    • Building access control and automation systems
    • Snow removal
    • Grounds and Landscaping
    • Utility procurement (electric and gas)
    • Pest control management
    • Infrastructure integrity (inflow and infiltration investigation – sewer, unaccounted for water and leak detection) and distribution restoration
    • Water and wastewater treatment management and DEP compliance
    • Sub-metering and water billing
    • Others as needed.
  • Provide afterhours/emergency on-call services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Receive, resolve and complete all necessary maintenance services required by various authorities or as needed and requested by residents; aiding in resident-retention.
  • Promptly and proactively notify Owner of any significant issues or regular complaints, major building-related issues, regulatory or compliance notices received, and other pertinent information related to operations of the property. We will advise and recommend solutions.
  • Cooperate fully with Owner’s vendors, consultants, associates, partners, brokers and other parties involved with the property.
  • Provide Owner the funds received from all refunds, rebates, discounts or any type of receipt which PMI may receive from any party as a result of management of the Properties.  PMI REFUNDED OVER $1,182,000 OF PPP MONEY TO OUR CLIENTS.  
  • Review, verify, allocate and pay operating expenses for the Property at cost (no markup).
  • Present comprehensive operating financial statements each month, no later than 10 days after the end of the month.
  • Prepare annual and capital budgets for review and approval by Owner.
  • Arrange for and perform apartment showings, accept rental applications, screen prospective residents, prepare all residential leases and facilitate all resident communications.
  • Collect and deposit all rents and payments due to Owner into a special checking account identified with the Property.
  • Provide Owner with sufficient information so that Owner can prepare its income tax returns on the cash method of accounting or, if requested, with appropriate adjustment to convert the information to an accrual basis.
  • Provide construction management services, if requested, under a separate agreement.
  • Arrange for advertising and promotion of residential rentals as is ordinary and customary in the relevant market, including, but not limited to advertising the Property on Manager’s website of managed properties.
  • Arrange for electronic submission of rental applications.
  • Implement a web-based tenant portal for tenants to be able to access their account statements, submit maintenance requests, and be informed of other property-specific information.
  • Promptly initiate eviction processes and represent Owners’ interests in Landlord/Tenant Complaint proceedings.
  • Liaison with third-party collection agencies or Owner’s attorneys to attempt to collect unpaid rents and judgments owed.